House Rules:

Goblin Weaponry: goblins not being as fit in basic smithing, make a feebler weapon. Thus basic weapons they wield, break on a roll of 1. I can still land, but will be broken afterwards.
Character Creation:
Only available race is goblins. This is important as all players will be of the same brood of goblins.

Starting gear is absolutely nothing as per how the story will begin. But! fear not, there is room for you to suggest what school of weapons, armor, and other such gear you’d like to find somewhere long down the road. the gear of one character may be a little less important in this game.

Plan on making well rounded characters versed in many skills. There will also be added meanings to certain skills.
Nature – other than tracking animals and living off the land. it will help with livestock and their breeding.
Dungeoneering – aside from knowing the ins and outs of traps in dungeons. become proficient enough and you might know how to copy their crafting.
Athletics – all that time spent at bettering the body makes for a hard days labor.
Thievery – picking locks and boasting on how simple it is, time to show people you can keep things a bit safer than the rest in your chests and safes.
Diplomacy/Intimidation –
haggling prices with the rare and weary merchant or interrogate prisoners. BOTH OF THESE SKILLS WILL BE USED IN COMBINATION. So if your class allows you to take one of them, you may take purchase the other. Also one does not get you the other for free.

Gobs of Goblins